In the centre of the hall, RHS Committee member and designer James Alexander-Sinclair and sound art collective Elephonic created a woodland garden with a difference. A take on the Radio 2 Sound Garden from the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017, the dried leaves of its woodland floor rustled to noise vibrations while water in metal troughs moved in ripples in time with the sound.


RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017

“While the sound of music cannot be heard in The Zoe Ball Listening Garden, music from the past 50 years of Radio 2 will be playing beneath the ground and visitors can experience a physical sensation of feeling music through their whole body.

As the bass plays, the surface water in three long troughs of water respond and patterns emerge on the surface as the gravel beneath ‘dances’ to the vibrations.

Lush green planting features throughout the space.” RHS

First Experiments