Elephonic is a collective of Sound artists and Cymatics enthusiasts, born after a collaboration at the Chelsea Flower Show 2017 for a BBC Radio 2 themed garden.

When garden designer James Alexander-Sinclair was asked to design a garden on the theme of Sound ( listening to be precise as it was part of 5 gardens representing the 5 human senses) he started exploring the idea of visualising sound rather than hearing it, or perhaps something more than visualising – feeling. By doing so he came across the beautiful and complex science of Cymatics, which explores the effect of sound waves in the material world.

Sebastian Bruen, Rossana Masuello and Pär Carlsson are Sound designers for film, TV, gaming and installations. They have worked together for years – when James got in touch with them about the idea of taking this intriguing science outside of laboratories and controlled environments and to show it to the world. As crazy as it sounded when it began, it turned out to open a whole world of possibile creations.

So there it started. With the Zoe Ball Listening Garden – that intrigued hundreds of people and lead Elephonic and James Alexander-Sinclair to create more gardens and to experiment with sound and vibrations much further. We are excited to see where it will take us.